Upcoming acts of 2017

1. Let's get to meet you and know more about your music style?

Sure,my real name is shalom garba but my stage name is Tinysoule,now I derive my style of music from all sorts of negative emotion,e.g. Depression, Frustration, Anger,lust and most especially pain,for short I write my music based on the terrible happenings going on in the life of People in this present generation,or when I feel very sad or any of this negative emotions I just write my music.

I call my style of music Afro-drill.

2. Tell us about your new single ?

Well, the title of my new single is "FEDERAL_OUTCAST".

Now what inspired me to write this song is fake people and the fake life's they live,and you know that when you write,talk or sing about  fake people, you have to keep it real,and if you are trying to keep it real in this generation  you will literally be an outcast.....a Federal outcast ,cause if you are based on being real you have to say and be the truth and that can cause bad and negative attention towards you possibly even rejection, be it from the police or even the government.

So I believe that the main aim of " FEDERAL OUTCAST " is to try and transform the fake ones into being real, and then encourage the real ones to stay real.


3. What are your aspirations as a music artiste?

My aspiration as an artiste is to be heard,and also with music, travel round the world and spread the truth about the pain people go through,and also how in my own perspective that pain can be cured.

Don't get me wrong though,I'm not saying am Jesus Christ or prophet Muhammad ,But I believe that if your fortunate you should try and help in the best way you can, and the way i can help is through music.

4. What makes you different from every other Nigerian rappers?

I believe its because I say the truth, most rappers nowadays just tell people what they wanna hear and that's not what rap is, rap is reality,rap is the truth not some fiction or just entertainment,rap is real.

Secondly, I try to keep my lyric as appropriate as possible, meaning I control the vulgar words I use in my music so the smallest of children and the oldest of people will hear it and love it .

Don't get me wrong here to,I'm not saying I don't use vulgar words, but I try my best to control the contents I put into my music,so my music could be respected and taking seriously...hopefully one day I'll stop using them vulgar words completely........but hey reality is raw.

5. Whats your biggest challenge as an artiste?



   As for the money aspect ,I lack it(money),I lack it a lot cause if I had  money I will be past where I am today in the industry, I record less cause I lack money to go to the studio for recording,money right now is the button on a remote that is labeled Forward.

    Now as for the being heard and understood part,when I eventually record and is being distributed,I often worry cause its not all that hear it will understand the message am trying to pass,,,let's say for example am rapping about people being killed ,some people with very small sense will think that am encouraging violence not knowing that am trying to tell people to abstain from bloodshed cause it has never really solved anything.

So yeah that's it.

6. Which label do you want to represent as their artiste?

I've always wanted M.I. To be my mentor, so I will definitely want to represent chocolate city as their artiste.

Thank you.

Interview with Randy kiss


 1. Give us a brief background of yourself and why you decided to do music?


 I was born and brought up in family of "Obogu ezza " in ebonyi state, my full name is obogu Sunday Daniel but my stage name is "Randy_kiss", I do music because its a gift of my destiny, As every one have their own gift differently And what my people and i has been experienced in this life also lead me into music,


2. Tell us about your new single


Well “happiness” is my official new single, that everyone who appreciate good and encouraged songs will like to listen to


3. What are your plans for your music career?


 That is good question, my plans is to put more effort and prayer and bring out more good song that will makes everyone to know there someone behind,


4. Do you think you are set to take the industry by storm?


Oh yeah, yes!


 5. Whats your biggest challenge as an artiste?


 There is a lot of challenges that I face but let just give little, To defend those who think am going no where, Funds to promote my song, to shoot music video In fact there are lots of challenges but with God everything is possible in my career


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