2016 Tips For Upcoming Artistes To “BLOW” This Year

You will agree with me that the Nigerian entertainment Industry is growing so rapidly.

Before, artistes used to drop audio, and promote it then wait for like six months before dropping the video. Right now, all that has changed.

Some artistes drop audio and video the same day.

So if you are stil spending money pushig audio, believe you me, you are behind schedule and most likely wasting resources. (Don’t get me wrong, some songs can blow without video, but look at it from this point of view). As an artiste, your brand is a product, and your song is a product. Products are meant to be sold, and to sell a product to a consumer, it has to be what the consumer wants or needs.

The question you should ask yourself is who are my consumers and what do they want? The moment you have that question rightly answered, you are one step ahead.

Majority of Nigerians dont like reading, so putting out your audio with a long interesting press release online won’t appeal to them.

Everyone wants to watch and see something. That's why YouTube and Instagram are trending the way they are.

VISUAL is the secret! Great Visual is key!

Go visual then you will get noticed.

That money you will use in promoting your audio, use it to shoot a quality music video, and promote both the audio and video at once. (Sounds more like using a stone to kill two birds right?).

We at Sheba Entertainment can help you shoot a music video that matches the standard of that of your competitors (the likes of Wizkid, Davido, and Olamide etc) at an affordable rate.

Don’t waste your resources, let us help you make your dreams become a reality.

We have links to MTVBase, Soundcity, Hip Tv, Channel O amongst others, so you have nothing to worry about.

We will professionally position you in the music market, that consumers will be craving for more.

We can also help you in

  • ·     Building your brand
  • ·     Packaging your brand
  • ·     Positioning you for shows, tours and endorsements etc.

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