You Too Can Have It!

 You Too Can Have It!

 Ø     Want an Endorsement Deal?

 You Too Can Have It!

 Ø     Want to go for Tours and shows round the world?

 You Too Can Have It!


Artistes can now have their songs on

  • ·    International TV Shows
  • ·    International Endorsements
  • ·    International  Award nominations
  • ·    Licensing placements into Films, TV, commercials and cable
  • ·    Documentaries
  • ·    International TV Shows
  •      Song as Top 10 hits on Major TV stations like Foxtel, Samsung TV, Quello, Muzuand Xbox live.
  • ·    Accountable and transparent royalty via secured, tested and trusted aggregators.
  • ·    Touring circuits: Intercity tours, shows, collabos etc.
    NOTE: You must not be a celebrity before you get an endorsement deal.

    You must not be a celebrity before you go for tours.

    Sheba Entertainment makes the magic happen!!!

    All you do is follow procedures.


    Step 1. Pay submission fee of  
    N 5,000 only!!!
    (View payment methods below).

    Step 2. Come with N 5,000 submission fee and song to our Head office at Capitalsquare, Lagos, The Garnet, Lekki Epe Express Road, Lekki, Lagos.
    Pay in at the bank, and send payment details and song to
    View payment details below. 

    Step 3.  Come with or send us your song, artwork, BIO and all the music credits you would like us to make use of.
    NOTE: There is an agreement to be signed by the artiste.
    ü Pay at any of our offices.
    ü   Cash Deposit at the bank (Fidelity Bank account name : Sheba Entertainmentaccount number: 4010777256).
    ü   Payment through Cheque into Fidelity Bank account name : Sheba Entertainmentaccount number: 4010777256.
    Call +2348160838898, or +2349096000625 to book an appointment with a representative of
    Sheba Entertainment, or for confirmation of details before making payment.



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