Celebrity Cash Cow

  •  Are you a celebrity/music star? 
  •  Do you enjoy your account being a cash dumping ground? 
  • ·Want to make some extra millions with your talent?

  If yes, become a member of Sheba
 Entertainment, as you can never have  too much opportunities for your  

music, and you can never get tired of making money. 

 Here is what we will do for you!!!

   We will send you links to prime time networks that will pay $5,000 and 
above each for your song, Networks that will pay $3,000 and above each for your song. 


 Sheba Entertainment delivers those targeted opportunities right to your front door.  


Record labels, Publishers and Film & TV Music  


Supervisors tell us what kind of Songs, Instrumental 


 Tracks  and Artists they currently need - then we tell you. When you see a  match for your music, send it to us, and our A&R team will  pre-screen it for the company that needs it. 

 If your music is on-target and great, we send it to them. Your music becomes solicited because it came from a trusted industry source (that's us!). 


 You'll  get about 100 different opportunities every month and they come in  nearly every genre you can think of - Rock, Pop, Country, Adult  Contemporary, Modern Rock, Jazz, Film/TV, New Age, Instrumental, and  just about any other style you'd commonly hear on the radio, in movies,  TV shows, video games and commercials.




You'll Also Get a Full, One-Year, Money-Back Guarantee...




We  will shoulder the risk. Not for 3 months, but for one full year, YES, a  full one year, we are here to help you make your dreams a reality! 


You'll Get Free Online Music Hosting


 There's no shortage of places to host your music on the Internet, but don't you think it's about time that you park  your  music with the company that music business executives actually listen  to? Become a SHEBA ENTERTAINMENT member and host up to fifty of your  songs for free - your bio and photos too.


  You'll Finally Get Your Shot...


 The  music business is very competitive, but if you don't run the race you  have no chance to win. Your SHEBA ENTERTAINMENT membership will keep you  well informed, highly-motivated and more connected to the real music industry than you ever dreamed possible.


The Three Qualifications You Must Meet Before You Can Join


  • You must agree to keep the industry contacts and relationships you make through SHEBA ENTERTAINMENT  confidential: We can't risk losing our industry relationships by  allowing members to share them with others who might act in a less than  professional 


manner. Please respect this for both our sakes. 


  • You  must agree to invest in yourself: Your financial investment is quite  small when compared to the creative investment we ask you to make. Your  SHEBA ENTERTAINMENT membership is very much like belonging  to a gym - if you're not committed to using it regularly, you may not realize the maximum benefit.


  • You must agree to only pitch your music at opportunities with a high potential for a match: 


SHEBA ENTERTAINMENT gives you the shot at the Major Leagues you've always wanted. Make sure each and every  pitch counts!


 NOTE: Membership with Sheba Entertainment is not a management deal, neither does it stop you from signing any record deal with any label, or interrupt your current deal on any label, so  you have nothing to worry about.


We take the risk, we do the job. All you need to do is become a member, then sit down and relax! 

 Yes Sheba, I agree and I’m ready to start getting my music heard


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