Article: How To Make Your Song A Mega Hit In Nigeria

Ever wondered how an artiste pops out from the dark and becomes so relevant in the music industry, despite the fact that there are so many songs by different artistes in the scene? 

Ever wondered why your song patterned after super stars have not yet been recognized by bloggers, radio stations, show organizers and record labels? 

After you have done your underground work which includes crafting an attractive stage name for yourself, having a perfect artwork that can sell your song, working on your presence as an artiste,


 You have to be

  •  1.       Unique:  Uniqueness should be your watch word. Don’t do things because others are doing it. Don’t copy the style of a super star. As an artiste manager I have come across a lot of artiste who try to sound like Wizkid, Olamide and the rest, and immediately I lose interest. As an artiste you should always have in mind that first impression matters a lot. When I play your song and you sound like Wizkid, automatically I will feel you have no style of your own that’s why you are imitating a star who has his own style. Labels appreciate originality.
  •  2.       Creative: Creativity is required and expected from every up and coming artiste. You know that the music industry is evolving everyday so try to be creative and come up with great concepts that will pave way for you.
  •  3.       You Need A Sound Production: Locate a studio that can give you a world class production at an affordable rate. You can know by telling the producer to play some jobs he has done, and fine out the artiste he has worked with. You can visit to view some of our samples of audio production, as we have the best producers who offer quality at the best price ever, and our works speak for us.
  •  4.       After production test: To know whether the song you recorded in the studio is up to standard you should do what I call the after production test which is using songs that are famous in town as sample tracks. You do that by playing those songs with a phone with nice speakers, then play yours immediately after, and play a popular song again. While you are doing that be listening to the sound quality, the mixing and mastering of the backup with the main vocals. You can also give professionals to do that for you. When you are sure that your song can compete with others in the market, move over to the next step
  •  5.       Get An Attractive Artwork: Get an attractive artwork for your song, as this will go a long way in selling your song. If you have a nice artwork, people will be attracted to it, this will arouse their interest to know what kind of song you sing. Some individuals or companies like Sheba Entertainment offer album artwork design services.
  •  .       Strategize: There is what we call marketing strategy. Rome was not built in a day; you don’t expect to blow just like that without any work. If you feel you cannot strategize, meet artistemanagement companies to strategize for you.
  •  .       Hit the headlines: Do whatever it takes to hit the headlines. Do not be afraid to try. Send your content to as many bloggers as possible, newspapers etc.

  •  8.     Hit the clubs: The best way to Hit the clubs is to have your song on mixtapes, as every club has a DJ, and every DJ play mix tapes.
  • 9.       Hit the street: You can get people who will take your songs/mixtape to every corner. Mass dub your cd, let them go to every joint they play music and give it out free.
  •  If your song is nice I assure you, it will become the next talk of town, and you will become the next big star everyone will love to feature, and invite for shows.


You should be willing to invest in your music career especially if you want to earn a living from it. Although, paying bloggers, DJs, and music promotion companies is sometimes difficult for up and coming artistes, that is where we coming in. We will help you with quality audio production at an affordable rate, online promotions and song distribution, radio promotions, mix tape promotions, video on tv stations like MTV base, Sound city etc.

 All these services we render to up and coming artistes, in other to bring out the star in them.


Article written by Sheba Macby


Sheba Macby is the C.E.O Sheba Entertainment, with a passion of bridging the gap between record labels and upcoming artistes. Sheba studied Linguistics and Communication Studies in Abia State University, Uturu. She works and lives in the city of Lagos. Follow Sheba on twitter @smacby or email her at



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