Caller Tunez setup on all Networks (Mtn, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat)

For us to process callertunes codes for your songs or massages, click on the proceed to payment button to pay online or pay an initial set up fee of N 20,000 into: 

Account Name: Sheba Entertainment, Account Number: 4010777256.Fidelity Bank. Then send your payment details with your song or massages to

Below are some of our samples.

Below are the callertunes codes we have done.


*  For Comport by Smacby as your callertunez on MTN, text 038398 to 4100. On Airtel, text 0428837 to 791.

* For "One One" by Don Pizzy on Etisalat. Text 82672 to 251. For Airtel subscribers, Text 0592214 to 791.

For Kolo by Spydy on MTN (monthly code), text 0725691 to 4100, (weekly code), text 1725691 to 4100, for Kolo on Etisalat, text 993973 to 251.

For Sweet Figure 8 by Don cross on Airtel, Text 6066705 to 791, For MTN, text 0781205 to 4100.


Ensure that the correct Email is Entered; this is the medium we will use to get across to you!


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