BRT Bus Branding Advertising Campaign

Sheba Entertainment BRT Bus Branding 


With a population of over 18million people in Lagos, build

 awareness for your brand, products and services within days.


Get the exposure that billboards can't give you and yet save 

some extra cash with Sheba Entertainment BRT BUS BRANDING-

 Your own traveling billboard.


Let Sheba Entertainment create buzz for your brand, products and services.


You can customize the BRT buses from solitary logo to a simple strap line banner and right through to complete coverage bus wraps.


Sheba Entertainment gives you the flexibility of choice by not being constrained to a standard T shape for branding. This means you can have the perfect  branding solution to suit your budget and project 

requirements. We can help you create the perfect external 

designs with the minimum of ease by providing scaled drawings and templates of the bus branding applied to our BRT

 buses, with support and advice at every step of the process. We

 will ensure you achieve maximum impact producing the

 very best graphics required for your needs. We are responsible

 for the production, application, and removal of the whole 

process on your behalf.


If you don't have access to in-house designers, we can offer a complete design service for the exterior branding on any

 of our vehicles. From a brief set  by you and a collection of your 

images, logos and a style guide we can create a complete 

bespoke design for you.




 1. It is relatively cheap: will 
enable you have consumer 


 2. It creates awareness for your
 brand day and night.

 3. You can choose routes that 
suit your target customers,

 thereby having your message delivered where it matters 


 4. It offers high visibility and
 constant repetition.

 5. It provides you and your
 business moving advertisement

 at an affordable rate.

 6. It has total market

 7. It goes to places in Lagos 
Island where billboards are 

strictly prohibited etc.


Get your brand, products and services to your target customers today! Call 

+2348160838898 to get started.



For bank payment, pay into:

Account Name: Sheba Entertainment, Account Number: 4010777256.Fidelity Bank. 


Then send in your 

(1) Payment details, with 

(2) Reason for payment to cc to


Ensure that the correct Email is Entered; this is the medium we will use to get across to you!


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