Pricing for having our DJs for your events is determined by the type of event you are having and the location. But the average price is N200,000

We have professional DJs that play at various stations, including the two hottest DJs in Abuja Dj Jozenga of Ray Power and Dj Tophers of Rhythm Fm.

You can click on the proceed to payment button to pay online or pay the sum of N200,000 into: 

Account Name: Sheba Entertainment, Account Number: 4010777256. Fidelity Bank. Then send us a mail with your payment details and your reason of payment to Email: Then a representative of Sheba Entertainment will get back to you. Or call +2348160838898 to speak with a representative of Sheba Entertainment about the event you are having for proper pricing.


Ensure that the correct Email is Entered; this is the medium we will use to get across to you!


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