Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller

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Product Description

The Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller helps you to get rid of the stinging insects such as mosquitoes, gnats etc. It produces sounds that replicate the sound of most dreaded enemies of impregnated female mosquitoes (i.e. Adult male mosquitoes).

The female mosquito hears the sound emitted by the device as an imitation sound of a male mosquito buzzing. Thus, naturally, they move away from the environment of the sound and the effect of getting rid of the spawning female mosquitoes that bites and transmit malaria can be achieved. If they are unable to get a blood meal for a while in the new location, then they die.

Price is N1,000, with N500 delivery fee within Lagos.

You can also pay cash on delivery. To do so, call +2348160838898 to book.


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