System for the unsigned!!!

For any business to succeed, it has to become a system so that the business functions exactly the same way every time down to the last detail. The same goes with music, as music is business.

Having good songs, content and a brand is important, however, of equal importance is the glue that holds these together. Creating the foundation for success. That glue is the system we are talking about.

Why You  Need This System

You need this system if you are tired of putting money into your music career with uncertainty as you are not sure whether or not the money will come back.

You need this system because sponsors will no longer be scared to invest in your music career, as they will be sure that their money coming back.

You need this system so that whether you are sleeping or awake, the money will continue to roll in.

This system is both for the signed and the UNSIGNED!

Let your money work for you!!!

Let your content pay!!!

You can now have a system set up for you to earn money right here in Nigeria from your songs with or without being a star. You can earn up to N15,000,000 and above as the system keeps running.

How The  System Works

The system will pitch your songs to where you get paid instantly. There is no limit to how much you can make with this.

The system comprises of:

1. Sales system, which should outline how your content finds prospects, presents, quotes and closes sales.

2. Delivery or fulfillment system, which details how your content is delivered to your audience.

3. Customer service system, which shows clearly and concisely how your content stays in contact with your audience over time.

It is important to note that this is not an experiment, any money you put in will definitely come back.

What are you waiting for, SIGN UP NOW!!!

Requirements  For System Set Up

All you need to do is come to our office at Capitalsquare, The Garnet, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. (or sign up online, for those who stay in distant cities or countries) with your materials (Songs, artworks, bio data, press releases, etc). And you will be given some documents to fill. System set up fee is N60,000.

Set up takes 2-3 weeks then you start earning directly into your bank account from your songs.

For those who want to sign up online, click on Proceed to Payment and fill in your card details, or pay the sum of N60,000 into

Account Name: Sheba Entertainment, Account Number: 4010777256.Fidelity Bank.

Then send in your

(1) Payment details, with

(2) Reason for payment to cc to

Call +2348160838898, +2349096000625 for further details.

Our clientele includes Amarachi, the Airtel Ambassodor that ft Phyno in Over Sabi.

For Comport by Smacby as your callertunez on  MTN,

text 038398 to 4100. On Airtel, text 0428837 to  791.

For CallerTunez code of "One One" by Don

Pizzy on Etisalat. Text 82672 to 251.

For Airtel subscribers, Text 0592214 to 791.


Ensure that the correct Email is Entered; this is the medium we will use to get across to you!


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