Membership Fee

The Qualifications And Conditions You Must Meet Before You Can Become a Member Of Sheba Entertainment


  • You must be a music/recording artiste.


  • You must agree to keep the industry contacts and relationships you make through SHEBA ENTERTAINMENT  confidential: We can't risk losing our industry relationships by  allowing members to share them with others who might act in a less than  professional manner. Please respect this for both our sakes. 


  • You  must agree to invest in yourself: Your financial investment is quite  small when compared to the creative investment we ask you to make. Your  SHEBA ENTERTAINMENT membership is very much like belonging to a gym - if  you're not committed to using it regularly, you may not realize the  maximum benefit.


  • You must agree to only pitch your music at opportunities with a high potential for a match.


  • You must pay a one year membership fee of N100,000 which is 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

 To Join pay the sum of N100,000 into 

Account Name: Sheba Entertainment, Account Number: 4010777256.Fidelity Bank. 

Then send in your

(1) Payment details, with 

(2) Reason for payment to cc to


Ensure that the correct Email is Entered; this is the medium we will use to get across to you!


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