Musical Session


Are you talented? Do you have a song or an idea of a song that you've been itching to get out? Sit down with one of our music producers and we'll transform your idea into a fully produced custom track. If you are ready to take on the music industry and pursue a record deal or take your musical career to the next level, let Sheba Entertainments producers develop a broadcast quality, radio ready track at an affordable rate. Why not take a bold step by getting started.

Our official price for producing a track including mixing and mastering is N60,000.

 Sheba Entertainment offers you a nice deal on each session that you book with us today. Why not book for a session now!!!!


 Pay into:   Account Name: Sheba Entertainment, Account Number: 4010777256. Fidelity Bank. 

 Then send in your

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 Call us on: +2348160838898, +2349096000625 to book an appointment with us.


NOTE: You can also book online by clicking on the proceed to payment button.


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