Rose May -Take Your Time

Rose May Alaba, with her new song "Take Your Time", produced by Boris Fleck aka Stard Ova, creates a title that brings her pop vision to a much-evoked point. 

"I wanted emotion but not a ballad."

The result is a catchy three-minute song wonder, world-class urban pop. Rose May Alaba holds a difficult balance with a dream-changing security - the one between the revealing of her own, sometimes not quite so beautiful experiences and the role of the singer as a life and love consultant, as a best friend of souls, as a voice of cheerful reason which in the end always leads to the rise of an interpersonal and as well as actual sun. This costs (life) time, which  Rose May Alaba took into account and is willing to give.

Rose May Alaba is also a member of Sheba Entertainment

Rose May Alaba, with her new song "Take Your Time"


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